Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Introduction to the river

It was last week when I took her down to the local hot springs (you get there by following the highway for a few miles, then eventually you'll see a cabin on the other side of the river that's falling apart... park your car there, then hike down the short path until you can stick your feet in the hot spots); I wanted to introduce my daughter to the ways of the river when things were calm and cozy. 

The hills surrounding us were yellow and orange and red and the sky was the color of a 1,000 bluebirds.  I was wearing a skirt with a short-sleeved shirt and she was wrapped up in some cozy pants and a jacket.  I carried her around the rocks, my feet kicking at the water until I found a spot that wasn't too hot or too cold... just right.  She was quiet, sucking her two middle fingers while the rest of her digits formed the "I love you" sign against her cheek.  I attempted to put her feet in the water... her hands...her  toes....

Eventually it became clear that what needed to happen was not what I had intended- she wanted to bathe in the rays of the sun, not in the warm waters of the river.  She wanted to be held in my arms, relaxed, looking South- not sitting in the mud or on the rocks with the water squeezing her from all sides. 

Present.  Sturdy.  Her skin showing.  Her eyes shining.  All of her open to the skies.

She is here.


  1. yes! and you're HERE, too. i missed your voice.

  2. goosebumps. She is HERE!!!! Love you

  3. Here with you, and you so aware of her saying what she needs. So sweet.

  4. Sweetness. So glad that you are home, that you are introducing her to everything dear to you and allowing her to experience it in her own way. xoxoxo