Friday, October 11, 2013

5 things

I've been asked to list five things that bring me pleasure, that are just easy and without effort.  I'm meant to do this without much thought... just list the things that pop into my mind automatically. 

I think it's sad that I struggle with this.  That I would rather avoid than come up with the "wrong answer," or one that isn't creative enough, or good enough, or whatever.  Geesh.

Anyway.  Five things.  Automatic.  No editing or censorship.

Phew.  Okay. 

Easy, right?

1- mixing the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients for cookies

2- the first punch on my heavy bag

3- sneaking a kiss from my son when he's asleep for the night

4- watching my daughter really enunciate the sound, "wowr" (which sounds exactly like our cats... only Salem starts with her lips puckered up to the far right side of her face and then manages to make her mouth go round in a complete circle... with her eyes as wide and open as possible)

5- getting Jason to laugh so hard that his hands form fists and he throws his head down

6- my cat falling asleep on my lap

(Six was one to grow on....)

How about you?  Want to share your list?  Automatic, 'kay?  No editing or censoring!


  1. 1. a just right cup of tea, consumed while still warm, without interruption
    2. pottering around in the garden
    3. spotting a colourful bird or butterfly
    4. my son giggling (when not accompanied by crashing noises, etc)
    5. solitary walks in nature

  2. 1. Tiny desserts eaten with tiny spoons, alone, while my family is sleeping.
    2. Reading in bed.
    3. My children screeching with laughter together.
    4. The small kindnesses of strangers - like today when a man chased us down because Z had dropped her little stuffed horse and not noticed.
    5. Cheese fries.

    I began and ended with food. Typical.

  3. 1. that first sip of coffee in the morning
    2. my sleeping son's little snores
    3. rain, gentle misting, pounding, pouring, all of it
    4. the smell of a new book
    5. lift off

  4. coffee
    great TV show/movie
    eating dinner with the whole family
    laughing hard with my girlfriends

  5. 1. when the kids hit the hour mark of playing with zero referring by me
    2. I deleted this one and I forgot the flucking question already
    3. making food without recipes. and it's good food, and i just know how to make it come together.
    4. a yoga class
    5. coffee ice cream at 1am, knowing I am so tired I can still fall asleep within ten seconds of hitting the pillow
    6. when my husband comes in the door from work whistling. I always know he's in a good mood if he's whistling.

  6. I'm going to blog about this. Because sometimes you just need to write happy thoughts. Thanks, friend.

  7. I love these...! Thank you all for sharing some of the joys in your life. It feels durn good, don't it?